Hello! I have decided to crawl out of my cave, blow the dust off this blog, and try to get back to normal.
It’s part of my spring effort, you see.

After having survived a winter here in New England that involved such new concepts as “roof rakes” and “thundersnow,” I’m afraid we are all a little bit shell-shocked up here in the Northeast. It’s hard to think of it as the same old universe you always knew when people are telling you that you actually need to go outside, climb up on your roof, and start RAKING snow off, as though it was simply a pile of leaves. Because if you DON’T, those people were saying–(and many of them were wearing official uniforms and speaking into microphones), OTHERWISE, your roof will collapse while you are sleeping, and you will wake up in the middle of the night with an avalanche on top of you, as well as some stray bits of roof.

It was not a wonderful winter, not with that kind of talk–and spring has been slow in getting here. It’s windy and cold still, definitely not the flowery, languid Aprils of my youth, back when I lived in Florida and California. Frankly, I find it difficult not to resent this time of year when it seems as though the weather COULD work with you some, if it would just stop blowing all that wind around, let the sun break through the overcast, warm up those buds, and turn that grass green.

One day a few weeks ago it actually got to be 70 degrees, so we KNOW this possible, right? Ever since they changed our planetary diagnosis from “global warming” to “climate change,” I’ve not been able to get warm.

BUT. I am going to stop complaining right now, and share with you the little secret of how I’ve managed to hang onto even one microunit of sanity this winter, and it is by watching this video called “Animal Crackers.” I’m sure all of you have watched in thousands of times yourself–even you in the more reasonable climates who didn’t need a video for sanity because sanity existed right outside your doorway! But here it is anyway, just in case you’re having a bad moment and need some hysterical laughter to see you through.