They are having a great time over at google…when they’re not chasing down their pet snakes, that is.

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, you might try running Google maps, at, and then typing in your destinations:

New York, NY to Paris, France.

This is what you get for step 23:


Of course, some people are arguing that Google has given the very worst possible route for such a trip, since it would have you leave New York and drive on the Mass Pike to Boston before jumping into the ocean at Long Wharf and then you would still have to swim through the treacherous Bay of Biscay once you got close to Paris, but those commenters, like Shane Curcuru have been assured that Google worked out an algorithm to optimize swim travel time. As a guy named Ryan assures us, “You would actually arrive 30 minutes sooner this way, and unusually refreshed.”

Still, there was a person who actually DID swim this trip. Ben LeCompte, a French long-distance swimmer, went from Hyannis, Massachusetts to Brittany, France in 1998, to raise money for cancer research.

Too bad he wasn’t able to consult google on the best route. He had to swim a whopping 3,716 miles instead of the 3,462 google recommends. Although, I suppose once you’ve confronted jellyfish, sharks, turtles and three thousand miles of salt water, what’s another 354 miles?