I’ll be honest here. I am new to this world of blogging, and just about every aspect of it seems strange to me. When I first started writing this, I asked everybody I knew who knew about blogs, “But how will people find my blog?”

Everybody had the same answer, delivered with complete confidence. “Oh, you’ll see. Spiders and robots will come.”

Sometimes you get an answer that makes you not want to ask any follow-up questions, and this was one of those times.

But anyway, the other day I found out that there is a page I can go to where there is a list of various people who have managed to stumble onto this little space on the internet. Not the spiders and the robots–only God knows how they operate in the blogosphere. But real people go into google sometimes, and they type things, little search phrases, and sometimes those phrases lead them, quite accidentally, I’m sure…to me!

Some people, for instance, have been sent to me when they typed in questions about their slippery duvets. No doubt they were looking for something a little more helpful than anything I had to offer. If they had left an address, perhaps we could have started a Slippery Duvet Support Group. Another wanted to find out about a “problem bedroom over garage.” Still another wanted “humorous columns leaf blowers.”

These I could understand. They have a remote relation to things I have thought about.

But there are other, more alarming trends in the cyberworld.

Some other hapless folks that have been sent to me were instead trying to get info on these fun topics:

  • real pictures of saltfish with head and hands
  • dogs blood clot hindquarters
  • stuffing dangers
  • you tub de kahn
  • feng shui meaning spiders
  • north car/family physicians

and my personal, mysterious favorite:

  • instant yeast to buy new york city.


Should we be worried?